Being only just an 8-year-old club, Estonian Golf & Country Club has lots of traditions. The most important traditions are the annual club tournaments. The club has special trophies for each tournament and there is a tradition to engrave the name of the winners on the trophy.

Each year we plan to start the season on the first weekend of April, when EGCC Links Masters is planned on Stone Course. At the same time when Augusta has Masters for the world’s top golf players, we offer the possibility to compete for our own Masters trophy. The opening of the course depends a lot on the weather, but  we hope the first tournament will be held as planned, on the 7th of April.

The next important competition is EGCC Anniversary Tournament, which will be held on Friday the 24th of May. In addition to the golf tournament, we organize some entertainment for all the participants and invite them together to celebrate EGCC’s 8th birthday on Friday evening.

The 42-hole EGCC Golf Marathon will be held on Sunday the 16th of June. This is exactly one day after the International European Seniors Championship’s final round on Sea Course. There is no doubt, that the greens will be fast and course in a really good condition. The maintenance has an essential part for keeping the greens in a good shape during the whole season. In order to keep the quality, aeration of the greens are planned right after the golf marathon. The healing process should not take more than two weeks.

EGCC Captain Challenge takes place on 19th of June. Everybody are welcome to challenge our captain Heinu Klaas and take part of the fun event. From last year, captain’s of EGCC and Niitvälja started a new tradition: deciding match-play between the two clubs. Representing teams will be chosen and the captain of the loser’s team has to pay for the dinner. This year’s final is planned for 17th of August on the Sea Course.

As you remember, the weather wasn’t on our side on the previous season and we had to cancel one of the most important events: the Estonian first four-day 72-hole tournament EGCC Trophy. This year, we have brought the dates forward and the EGCC Trophy will be held on 25-28th of July. All amateurs are welcome to compete for the EGCC’s trophy as well as get some WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking) points.

As always, the club championship will be held on the 2nd weekend of August. This year we will organize two championships with one weekend: EGCC Golf Academy’s Club Championhip on Stone Course and EGCC Club Championship on Sea Course.  In addition to club champions in stroke play, champions in match play will be awarded. Join the tournament and compare your golfing skills with other members!

1st of September is the day, when one of the most popular events is held, the EGCC President Cup. There are more than 20 players on the waiting list each year. The club’s president Jüri Ross will surely achive the same popularity for the coming season’s cup.

October brings us the 2-day tournament EGCC Links Championship on Stone Course, which will be held on 5-6th of October, and the season ending tournament EGCC Cross Country on 11th of October. On the last tournament you can experience golf in an untraditonal way. We will set up new fun holes exclusively for this tournament!

Together with the listed tournaments, you can also book the dates in your calendar for the Estonian championships in stroke play, which will be held on 23-25th of August. And of course we have lots of open and closed corporate tournaments, where you can play some good rounds of golf! Besides all that, you are welcome to watch how the best European senior amateurs play: this year EGCC hosts the International European Seniors Championship 2013.



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