Estonian Golf & Country Club champions 2021 
Jan Larsson  and Anete Liis Adul

On the first weekend of August, most golf clubs in Estonia held their club championships. Anete Liis Adul and Jan Larsson received gold medals in the elite classes at EGCC. 


As has already become a tradition, the club's championships still get water and wind one day, and Saturday was no exception in that sense. There was a really strong wind and the members also fought the rain on the course all day long. 


This year, the women's winner was Anete Liid Adul, who shot 77 and 76, which was three strokes better than last year's winning result. With a steady game of 82 and 81 shots, Anneli Esken got silver and Isabel Sirel won third place for the first time, with rounds of 89 and 85. 


Jan’s rounds 76 and 76 gave him a three-stroke victory over last year's champion Sten Erik Soo, who took second place. Sten played 72 on the final day, but the previous day's total of 83 strokes led to silver this time. EGCC captain Rain Uusküla earned third place and his first medal from the club championships with rounds of 83 and 81. 


Jan thanked both the greenkeepers and Sander Aadusaar, who "worked" for two days in his winning speech. Bag man Sander managed to keep Jan cool in places where otherwise emotions might have had led to other decisions. Jan added: "Today I have the best handicap ever in my life, so there is no point in ever giving up and giving up my dreams, even at the age of 50 I can still develop and play the best golf of my life!" Jan Larsson is (probably) the only one in Estonia who, as a senior over the age of 50, has taken gold in the main class at club Championships anywhere in Estonia! Jan's HCP went down to 1.7 the day after the club championships.


Both men and women played from the same tees in mid-amateurs, so there was a chance to win two medals if you played well and were over 25 years old. Of course, Larsson won gold in the Mid-Am class, silver went to Rain Uusküla and bronze to Timo Olesk, who has only played golf only for four years. Anneli Esken, with a total of 163 shots won in this class Annika Sutt with 187 took Silver and Ave Epner with187 took bronze because Annika played the better second round.


The winner in the men's senior class was Mait Schmidt, who played 78 strokes on both days. Gunnar Kobin earned a silver medal with 80-82 and Heinu Klaas took bronze with 86-80, edging out Phil Marsdale with a better second round score. In his victory speech, Mait also thanked his caddy and advised everyone to take their loved ones out on to the golf course for a better result. Miat’s HCP has also dropped from 8 to 3.9 this year, which is one of the best indicators of life for one of the founders of a club who is over 60. Anu Uuemõis became the champion in the women's seniors with 176 strokes, last year's winner Kersti Klaas won silver with 182 strokes and Riina Vettus took bronze with 192 strokes. 


In the class of male veterans over the age of 60, Vello Kahro won gold for the second year in a row with rounds of 83 and 77 years, Urmas Isok won the silver medal. Last year the order was the same, Urmas lost to Vello by three strokes. If this continues, in a few years it will be even more interesting in this class! The bronze belongs to Peep Pirale in the 60+ class with 168 strokes. Also in the senior class of over 60s, Monica Pihlak became the champion with 183 strokes. Silver wentto Margarita Ross with 191 strokes and bronze to Aet Margna with 203 strokes. Ülo Polli won the 65-year-old class with rounds of 85-86. If last year Ülo won his class with 12 strokes, this year the margin of victory was as many as 16 strokes. Second, third and fourth place made the same number of shots or 187! Avo Lillemäe earned silver and Leho Aros won bronze on the last round of the match, edging out Juri Ross. 


Estonian Golf & Country Club club championship 2021 results

Category 65+ medalists -  Leho Aros, Ülo Polli and  Avo Lillemäe

Category 60+ silver medalist Margarita Ross and gold medalist Monica Pihlak

Category 60+  medalists Urmas Isok,  Vello Kahro and Peep Pira

Category 50+  Kersti Klaas, Anu Uuemõis and Riina Vettus

50+ happy medal winners Heinu Klaas silver medal and Mait Schmidt golf medalist 

Women best in mid-amateurs Annika Sutt, Anneli Esken ja Ave Epner

Mens top 3 in Mid-Amateurs from left Rain Uusküla, Jan Larsson ja Timo Olesk

Three best women in elite category in club championship 
Anneli Esken silver,  Anete Liis Adul gold and Isabel Sirel bronze

Mens TOP3 in elite category - Sten Erik Soo, Jan Larsson ja Club Captain Rain Uusküla

EGCC women! 😍

 2021 Estonian Golf & County Club best in stroke play! 🏌⛳👏

Fotod: Hanno Kross

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