In the second half of the summer, the weather can very often interfere with the game of golf. From a human point of view, there is a perfectly understandable resentment that a good round should be interrupted for an indefinite period of time and a nagging temptation to continue play.
This impulse has, unfortunately, been fatal for many golfers around the world.

Never forget that when you have a golf club in your hand, you're like a lightning rod, and lightning always looks for the shortest and least obstructed route to the ground. Therefore, it is also unwise to stand under a tree as water conducts electricity very well and wet trees are usually tall. Lightning is deadly within a radius of 30-40m from where it hits. In Iowa, USA, night time lightning hit the flag of a practice green and created burning grass patterns that were interesting and beautiful to the eye but deadly.

I myself have heard a lot of talk on the course about why to stop the game when the weather is completely playable. At this point, you would ask how many players have looked at at this time?
If thunder is about 20 km away it will intervene in the competition in about 10-15 minutes. The question is - how long does it take you to move to the nearest shelter? Please don't argue with the referees and caddiemasters as they are trying to keep you alive. It is not a good idea to carry metal equipment. An umbrella is also a good target for lightening.

Although the rules of golf say that bad weather is not a reason to interrupt a game, the same rules also say that dangerous weather is. A player has full authority to suspend his game if s/he feels that it is dangerous due to a thunderstorm, even if the alarm has not been sounded.
Storms are often accompanied by strong winds and the alarm may not be heard. No one will be disqualified if they interrupt their game due to a thunderstorm. After two short blasts of the horn, the danger is over for the time being and all golfers are allowed to continue their games.

EGCC member and golf referee Sander Vallots

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