Following the government's decision of April 27, outdoor sports activities and training will be allowed for up to 10 people from 02 May. Consequently, we can also play golf from this Saturday in groups of 4. Remember, however, that the 2 + 2 rule applies, which means that keeping a distance with your teammates is mandatory.

From Saturday we will also start individual and group training programmes.

EGCC rules of play have been updated below.

-Remember,- Keep a distance of at least two meters from each other throughout the game, including in the tees and greens.

- Paper scorecards for General Play (old EDS) round will not be accepted by the club, use the Golfbox solution.

- Do not shake teammates’ hands or hug before or after the game.

- Do not touch or remove the flag or flagpole from the hole.

- Do not share equipment with a co-player.

- Use only your own personal golf cart. Club carts are not available.

- The use of golf buggies is allowed on the basis of a medical certificate, only 1 person can sit in the car. The car must be booked with Chronogolf in advance.

- Don't remove your golf gloves using your teeth, don't touch your face, don't touch other players’ balls.

- There are no rakes in the bunkers. So, after your stroke, try to level the sand with your foot or club so that the players after you have a decent chance to get the ball out of the bunker. 

- Also keep a distance of at least two meters in the practice areas and on the range.

- The Golf bag storage room for club members is closed, no fingerprints can be used. 

- When paying, use mobile solutions for both green fees and other products. 


There are no litter boxes or ball cleaning equipment on the course. We ask you to put the beverage and food packaging you have consumed on the course into your golf bag and at the end of the game, you can empty it in the trash bin at the clubhouse or take it home.

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