Our last Christmas Contest was held on December 26, 2016, and you can see the start in the photo. It gives me great pleasure to announce our Christmas Contest again - may it be so for many years to come! The weather is favorable - it is going to be raining a little at the beginning of the week, but by Thursday it is forecast to be 4 degrees C - warm and sunny - and the best day to play this year's Christmas competition.

We plan to play 9 courses on the Stone Course and host up to 88 golf lovers. We will also open the clubhouse for the day of the competition and start the fire in the morning. Our DaVinci Golf Restaurant is making a special Christmas menu for post-event catering, which is included in the entry fee. Before the competition, you can purchase your own breakfast cereal and butter from the daily menu as well as pasta and salad.

The entry fee is € 49, which also includes DaVinc's special Christmas menu. A discounted price of € 35 is for EGCC club members who have active individual playing rights. We will compete in two common classes - HCP up to 15.0 players and HCP over 15.1 players in scoring. There will be no post-competition awards ceremony in the clubhouse as the competitors will play at different times. However, after the snow has settled, we will make separate Christmas Cups for the three best in each competition class, engraved with the name of the winner and most importantly, the date of the competition! There are very few cups won at the Christmas Golf in December in the cupboards of Estonia! If the weather conditions change significantly and it turns out that we cannot go ahead, we will refund you the competition fees by December 20th at the latest.

It would be a shame if you sign up, forget to make a transfer and stay on the waiting list because of it - so sign up and pay up soon! Hope to see you at the golf course!

Hanno Kross
Chairman of the Christmas Committee

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