Annika Sörenstam, widely regarded as the greatest female golfer of all time, is to design her first course in Europe, at Estonian Golf & Country Club. The new course, which will complement the venue’s acclaimed Sea Course, rated among Europe’s top 100 courses*, is part of a major development to create a family leisure resort and spa overlooking the Gulf of Finland.

AS EGCC nõukogu esimees Mait Schmidt ja Annika Sörenstam

In 2014 AS EGCC bought an extra 48.5 hectares of land for a new course. Consequently, our shareholders now own a total of 150 hectares of land, a club building, an administrative building, two golf courses, service machines and lots of other smaller assets. The AS EGCC balance sheet total by the end of 2017 was 6.7 million euros, incl. 1.3 million of deferred liability and 4.8 million of equity. More recently we have managed to break even even while covering the losses of the first few years.  

All this has motivated us to make longer-term future plans and to get started with the next stage of developments for the EGCC. In addition to the purchase of land in 2014 and receiving the confirmation of the new detailed planning in 2015 we have signed a contract for designing a new course with European Golf Design (EGD), a highly rated golf course design company, and with Ms Annika Sörenstam, one of the best female golfers in the world of all time. The design work is ongoing.

By the summer of 2016 the design was largely completed and confirmed by Annika and the EGD. Everybody is welcome to take a look at the plan of the course in the showcase on the second floor of the EGCC clubhouse. In 2021/22 an active search for investors in the total of 13 million euros has been ongoing. The budget for the design and construction of the golf course is 7 million euros, in addition the budget of a new hotel and spa is 5 million euros. The main achievements thus far have been to get the design of the golf course confirmed, to receive building permits and to come to an agreement with investors contributing to the golf course.

The present schedule is the following:

-autumn-winter 2022 inclusion of an investor
-late autumn 2023 beginning of construction work of the new golf course
-2023 construction work and sewing
-2023 construction work of the hotel and spa
-2024 summer growing season of the grass of the new course
-2025 summer Opening of ANNIKA Course, opening of the hotel and spa

Annika Course holes. With red it is the current Stone Course


Annika Sörenstam and the CEO of AS EGCC Hanno Kross in May 2015 at EGCC for our Anniversary Tournament

Below Annikas Sörenstam thought aboout the new project by Golf World


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