On the last Friday of September the last competition of EGCC 50+ Tour by Puukeskus was held on the Sea Course in the format of individual HCP stroke play, supplemented by fun competitions. 
12 women and 40 men participated in the last competition of the season and their results ranged from -5 to +21. Third place in the men’s competition was Vello Kahro (-4), Priit Post and Jüri Tiitus both scored -5 but Jüri won with his handicap. The third place in the women’s competition was Pille Teearu (+2), the second was Marina Kruger (-1) and the winner was Christina Godwin (-5).
All results of the final: MEN & WOMEN
The season finished and awards given in the golf restaurant Musi. Puukeskus, the main sponsor of the 50+ tournament of this year, provided entertainment in the form of a DJ. As always, 50+ club members Uljas Loos, Edith Alliksoo, Leho Alliksoo, Hannes Priks, Leho Aros, Jüri Tiitus and Marga Ross and Jüri Ross from Büroomaailm contributed various prizes.
Throughout the season 65 men and 24 women participated in 50+ competitions, an improvement on last season.
Kersti Klaas became the third in the women’s group, she participated in 7 competitions, she won one and became the second once and gained the total of 100 points. Margarita Ross became the second, she participated in 7 competitions, she won 3. Marina Kruger came first for the second year in a row, she participated in 8 competitions, she won 2 and she was second three times and gained the total of 132 points.
Toomas Kull came third after last year’s first position. He participated in 8 competitions, he won one and he gained total of 76 points. Jaan Oruaas was second with 79.5 points. He participated in 8 competitions, he won one and he became the second three times. Väino Valts won with 87 points. He participated in 8 competitions and he won one.
All results of the season. MEN & WOMEN
Mai do Pajo, a 50+ Club member, has been allocating awards for years for competitors whose seasonal handicap has gone down the most. This season’s winners were Pille Teearu (25,2 - 22,0) and Jaan Oruaas (35,8 - 26,1).
We would like to thank all participants of the tournament and everybody who recognised their fellow-players with awards.
We would like to thank Lehorex for providing balls for the 2017 season, Puukeskus for providing music and Eesti Golfikool and Büroomaailm for providing awards for all competitions. We are very grateful to Toomas Kull for his contribution to the organisation of all 9 competitions
See you in the spring of 2018!

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