Photo: Eigo Alvik

All golfers with a HCP of 36 or below are welcome to take part in this two-day competition on August 7-8. Please note that  this competition takes place a week later than originally planned, to allow participants to take part in the Tallinn Open Sven Kaljuveer Cup at the end of September, which is also part of the WAGR competition. The EGCC Links Championship will be held for the twelfth successive year on August 7-8 and the 36-hole tournament will be played on the EGCC Stone Course. The deadline for registration is Thursday, October 5th, at 6:00 pm and the maximum number of participants is 48. The competition is played in two categories for men and women. Kuldar Hütt handicrafts will be awarded in both cases to the best 3 players.

Competition rules can be found here, and please enroll in Golfbox.

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