Golf is a great way to spend time with your customers, partners or colleagues or, moreover, it is also a way to find them. Estonian Golf & Country Club has long experience in arranging corporate competitions. Corporate days can be largely divided into two groups: closed events/competitions and open competitions.

Closed events that are for guests upon invitations only, can be arranged in our villas. Award ceremonies with dinner events after competitions can be held in our seminar rooms or our restaurant. There is also a possibility to use our private sauna. For those who have no previous experience in golf, we can offer a golf demo under the guidance of a professional during the event.

The aim is to esteem your existing clients and partners by spending time in a picturesque nature and playing a round of friendly golf. Golfing is one of the few ways to spend an entire day together, beginning with the breakfast before the competition and ending with a nice dinner in the evening.

In case of open competitions, the company has the possibility to offer its clients a great competition experience together with benefits of a closed event. It is also a possibility to turn to new clients. The entire golf course can be labelled using your company's theme and logos – flags in front of the clubhouse, tee-markers, green flags, token bags in dressing rooms, etc. Golfing competitions gives you the possibility to display your company in innumerable ways.

No golfing competition is similar to another; there are always new ideas for creating an event that brings extra value to clients, golfers and your company.

Estonian Golf & Country Club has experience in arranging international competitions. Due to our constant cooperation with our partners and clients, we are able to guarantee a memorable event.